Suicide-What We All Need to Know

The recent suicides this week of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, coupled with the sad loss of Robin Williams should cause all of us to have a heightened awareness of this tragedy called suicide. Statics show that after Robin Williams suicide there was an increase of nearly 2000 suicides because people tend to follow examples of noteworthy people. It has been reported that Kate Spade watched the reports of Robin Williams’ death over and over. He hung himself with a belt attached to a door knob, Mrs. Spade, a scarf attached the same way.

Many articles have been written this week about the prevention of suicides and the help that is available, including what to do if someone you know and perhaps love, indicates they are thinking about it. At St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church,  we believe in life, both now and Eternal Life! Period! We are here to assist the families of those who lose loved ones, but most of us have witnessed first hand the pain and heartache that is left behind for those families and friends to deal with. I and most other clergy have assisted families in arranging the funerals of their loved ones who left them far too early. It is awful.

We must open a dialog in our community about this increasing tragedy. We are told that since 1999 suicide rates have increased 25% in the United States. We at St. Michael are among those who believe it doesn’t have to be like this. There are dark days, but the cloud can lift, as a reporter on CNN said. Help can be obtained. Success is not an antidote to depression, but there are ways for people to receive help. We urge everyone to read the articles on our web page entitled “Suicide – what we all need to know.” If you don’t have time, then please write the following information down and use it, for yourself or someone you know: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255.  It’s available 24 hours everyday. 

The first thing we can all do is PRAY!!! Pray for those who are depressed, who feel hopeless, who are in pain, that they may find the “Peace that passes all understanding” as Jesus said.

No one, including us, wants to face the funeral of someone who could have been helped yet died without hope.

In Christ’s name,

John †


US suicide rates increased more than 25% since 1999, CDC says


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