This Week’s From the Rector

Good morning! Today, we visit my favorite family in the Gospels (other than Mary, Joseph and Jesus), that of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. I wish there were more about them. The times we read about them are so powerful. They were close friends of Jesus. He stayed in their home. It is about Lazarus that the shortest sentence in the Bible was written, “Jesus wept.” Can’t you just imagine them sitting around and Lazarus says, “Jesus, tell me once more the story of your raising me from the dead!” Well, today, Martha gripes to Jesus about Mary not helping her put dinner on the table. Jesus surprises her with his reply. Sometimes we’re surprised by Jesus’ answer to us, aren’t we? Well, today let’s learn about “The One Thing” we need to know.

I hope you’ve had a good week. Please keep those who are traveling in your prayers, as well as those who are sick and have gone to be with our Lord. No matter what’s happened this week, God is still on the Throne! Amen?!

If you are visiting, we extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you and hope your time with us worshiping God will give you peace.

John †




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