This Week’s From the Rector


Good morning and welcome to Thanksgiving Sunday, the Sunday before Thanksgiving! If you’re visiting we extend to you a special welcome and give thanks for your presence.

 Today we worship using Morning Prayer as our guide with Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament. This is a long used traditional service of the Anglican Communion. We have added two songs for this morning because it wouldn’t seem Thanksgiving without singing two of the great Thanksgiving hymns. I hope you enjoy singing them as much as I do.

 They say that preachers preach what they most need to hear. Last Sunday I preached on overcoming hopelessness. This Sunday we will think about “When it’s hard to give thanks.” I find that many of my homilies lately have been about overcoming difficulties, sadness, depression and the like, all precipitated by the scenarios that go on around us, both in our personal lives and in the life of our nation. That alone is depressing. Jesus never promised us an easy life. We don’t get a pass to easy street because we’re Christians. There is a way, however, to lift ourselves up and be able to put life into a perspective that allows us to truly be thankful.

 Let’s look together at how that can be done. I begin my Thanksgiving by telling you how thankful I am for each of you and for my parish home. God has blessed me greatly by placing me among you.

 May you and those you love have a joyful and thankful Thanksgiving!

 John  †


 If I may ever be of service to you personally, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my email, or my cellular phone (713)899-6434.