This Week’s From the Rector


Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer! It has been hot and it will continue to be hot. Praise God for air-conditioning!

 Today our readings bring out being separated from God through sin. It also gives us the “new lease on life” we so badly need. In the reading from Jeremiah, a subject that we who are refugees from other denominations should take note of, the warning is regarding being led astray by clergy among other ways.

 This is what has been and is happening in the Episcopal Church. Because of their interpretation of Scripture and willingness to pay more attention to the changing times and social issues rather than focusing on our unchanging God, I believe that while sincere in their beliefs, they are actually encouraging Sin! Of course, anyone can be guilty of that just in the way we live our lives. If someone hears or sees us do something that is Unchristian, and they know we are Christians, then they can say, “well, if so and so can do it and they’re Christian then so can I.” Every ordained clergy has a special duty to live out Christ for all to see, but so do all the laity…You don’t get off the hook because you’re not clergy. Just as God will hold the apostate and heretical church accountable for leading people in to sin and away from belief, so shall we all be held accountable if we cause someone to not accept Christ or fall away.

 Let’s listen closely to what God has to say about all of that this morning.

 Blessings this week to you all!

 John †

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