This Week’s From the Rector

Good morning and welcome to St. Michael. I’m glad you’re here. If you’re visiting we extend to you a very warm welcome and hope you find meaning and joy in worshiping with us. 

Today, the readings are all very powerful as is the Psalm. They have a common thread as usual, but the Epistle reading is special and I want to call your attention to it. America has become a disposable society. I knew a woman and a pattern in her life was that if something or someone no longer was of use to her, she discarded the item or the person. Once, a dog she adopted was too much trouble and without mentioning it, took the dog to a shelter! She discarded husbands the same way, jobs, well, you get the idea. We are a society built around the young and able and discard the feeble and aged. If, God forbid, someone falls through the cracks of education, or becomes addicted, or homeless, well, we look the other way. Not everyone… but too many of us. I am as guilty of this as anyone, but like to think I have more empathy as I get older. God inspired Timothy to write words about this and where God stands. Let’s look at His Holy Word together. 

Also, this is Schreiner for Lunch Sunday. School is back in and Schreiner has begun their lunches again, so I hope you’ll go and enjoy this meal for less than $10.00. One of the best things we have as a parish is a loving community. Take part and receive love. 

Our Homecoming Week is quickly approaching. We have a Women’s Luncheon, Choral Evensong, Church Picnic and St. Michael Feast Day High Mass. Mark your calendars now! I look forward to seeing you. 

John † 


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