This Week’s From the Rector

Let’s start with a word about liturgical colors. You are probably aware that the official color of the long season of Ordinary Time is green. I prefer to call this season Kingdomtide.

 The color green makes sense for lots of reasons: Kingdomtide (or Ordinary Time) is about growing in our faith, about accepting the gifts that we’ve been given, and producing the fruit not just as individual Christians but as the body of Christ. Green is the color of growth and of fruitfulness. There are other reasons why the season claims the color green. During this season, we hear the stories of Jesus that mold our Christian lives. We look more closely at the parables which help us understand how we are to live in faith. It is a long season, to be sure, but the reason it is so long is that there is much to learn and understand. The Green Season helps us grow in our Faith, just as green is a sign of grown in nature. I look forward to sharing the stories of Jesus with you during this time.

 Today is also Father’s Day and we honor our fathers by blessing pictures of them at our altar and by sharing prayers and a Father’s Day litany. My father died when I was five of Pancreatic cancer. It has been a major emptiness in my life, and for those who grew up without their fathers through death, divorce, or other reasons, you’ve missed your Dad as well. I’m thankful for all the men in my hometown who stepped up to guide me and nurture me. I’m especially grateful to the Boy Scouts and my troop leader, Jim Hughes, who made sure I was lifted up and not left on the sidelines on the path to becoming a mature young man. Without Jim and many others, I would never have become an Eagle Scout. I’m sure you all have men who have been important in your lives whether or not they were your biological fathers who supported you. May God bless these men for their sense of responsibility and love.


May you have a blessed week!





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