This Week’s From the Rector

Good morning, friends! I’m so glad you are either with us in person or via Livestream. Either way, welcome! This morning the Gospel reading is a famous one, The Feeding of the Five Thousand. Now, first, there were more than 5000. Scripture says, “Five Thousand, not counting women and children.” Another interesting thing is that our Gospel reading doesn’t include the little boy sharing his five loaves and two fish. That’s in the book of John. It doesn’t really matter to me, however. What matters is that God will take what little we have and use it for the good of His Kingdom. Another interesting idea is that Jesus escaped to the hillside to reconcile himself to the death of John the Baptist. Jesus and John previously had a little tiff, you see, and Jesus was sad about it. Then, when John was killed, Jesus went to what he taught was a special place to grieve, but the people, the ever needy people, showed up. What was a man to do? What was Jesus to do? He fed them! That’s what we are to do – whatever it takes, we are to “feed them,” and there are many, many ways to go about it. 

Let’s look at this story and find out how to apply it to our life’s work. 


John †


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