This Week’s From the Rector

Good morning and welcome! Praise God for the rain we’ve received and the more moderate temperatures. What a relief!

 This our final Sunday preparing for our Revive! Weekend. Last Sunday, I spoke about the barrier to success that Sin presents. This Sunday, I’d like to share with you the need to prepare our hearts and minds for what we are about to do. It is very easy to say we know all about what church should be. We can tell ourselves and each other that we’ve gone to church for years and we know what it takes to worship God and have a deeper relationship with Him. We can even convince ourselves that we know how to grow our parish. However, the results might say that there is opportunity for growth for each of us in these areas. I know there’s plenty of room for me to learn and apply the lessons I’m given next Saturday.

 Next Sunday, we will have the Feast Day for our Patron Saint, St. Michael, and will celebrate the occasion with a High Solemn Mass. I hope you will find it meaningful just as I hope today will be.

 Please keep our Revive! Weekend in your prayers. Pray for our presenter, Canon Eldredge. Pray that God equips us with all things necessary to serve Him and His Kingdom in a more complete way.

 Blessings upon you this week.,,

 John †



 If I may ever be of service to you personally, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my email, or my cellular phone (713)899-6434.