This Week’s From the Rector

Thank you for joining us on this Sunday prior to Memorial Day. We will be doing something new today and that is to include Posting of the Colors, the Pledge of Allegiance and two verses of The Star-Spangled Banner as part of the sermon, instead of prior to the beginning of the Mass. Our country was built on God and we will not be separated from Him because of some theory regarding the separation of Church and State. I contend that one of the greatest problems with our nation today is the lack of God in our churches, schools, and governmental institutions. Please join me as we speak and sing loudly today, proud of our American heritage and in honor of those who gave “Their last full measure of devotion” to our country.

We honor and respect all those who gave their lives serving this great nation and hope to show that love we have for their sacrifice today.

May God bless you and may God bless America!

John †



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