This Week’s From the Rector

Good morning and welcome to this next to last Sunday of the church year! It was a cold couple of days this past week, wasn’t it? Next Sunday we will have a high solemn mass for Christ the King Sunday, and combine with our Thanksgiving for this Country and the ability to worship freely. Also, we have our Thanksgiving Potluck, something I look forward to each year. 

Today we are using the Ancient Text Mass from the 2019 Anglican Book of Common Prayer. I find it to be a beautiful liturgy, following the order and components of the 1662 Prayer Book. You can’t get more original than that! I hope even those who prefer another edition of the Prayer Book can allow themselves to worship God. Please follow the bulletin closely. I think this is a good time to remind you to read along, no matter which service we have on any given Sunday, and pay close attention to the commas. When we use the commas, we pause at the places intended by Cranmer and others and I believe you’ll find what we say out loud more meaningful. I’ll try to slow down as well. Also, no matter which service, please pay particular attention to what are called the “rubrics” in the Prayer Book or bulletin. Rubrics, or instructions often direct us specifically in our worship. For instance, when using the Mass found in the 1928 Prayer Book, it begins by saying, “With the people kneeling, the priest shall pray…’ Our Father…

My sermon today is a little longer than usual. I had planned to give it last Sunday until I realized I needed to give a stewardship message. Today I will speak about the “Seven Last Words of the Church,” as a time to look backward into history, and into the future. Prior to Christ the King Sunday, I will send an email to the parish describing the worship services that will be held in the new church year “A”. 

Advent is nearly here, with the Greening of the Church and only three Sundays in Advent until the Bishop and his wife join us for a fun weekend. I pray that you will all attend the events, especially the open house at Brookes and Judy’s. Sunday morning we’ll have “The Bishop’s North Pole Brunch!” at 9AM, where he will speak to us and welcome us into the Diocese of the Living Word! It will be an exciting time in the life of St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church. 

May God be with each of you in the coming week. 

John †


If I may ever be of service to you personally, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my email, or my cellular phone (713)899-6434.