This Week’s From the Rector

Good morning and welcome to a Sunday with beautiful readings and hymns. We’re glad you’re here! Last weekend was full with the passion of All Saints. Thank you for attending the services. Also, our special Election Eve Prayer Service was, I hope, meaningful to you. 

Today I would like us to examine the Tragedy of the Unprepared Life. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve missed because I wasn’t prepared. Often, because I was unaware that there even was an opportunity! Well, God has given us the ultimate opportunity, but we must be prepared. There’s a gospel song I love called “The Midnight Cry.” As I get older I think more and more about Jesus coming back at the Midnight Cry, I worry about being prepared to answer that cry when Jesus comes again. 

May you be prepared for the Midnight Cry and join your loved ones on the New Heaven and New Earth. 


John † 


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