This Week’s From the Rector

On the Sunday after Easter, there is a general let down. It’s often called “Low Sunday” as is the first Sunday after Christmas. It is hard to maintain the heights that we attain on the celebration of Resurrection Day. The priest is often on vacation (not yours!); Here at St. Michael we schedule Morning Prayer with Holy Communion from the Pre-Sanctified Elements. Even in this still uncertain time of pandemic, there might be a tendency to relax a little bit on this week. Resist that tendency! I know folks who say to themselves, “well, we attended the Holy Week services, so we can take a break.” Not so and thank you for being with us! There’s a lot to learn on this Sunday.

A huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make Holy Week meaningful. I especially want to thank Deacon Herman, Betty and members of the Altar Guild, Mark and the Acolytes, the Lectors, Linda for music and my assistant, Donn Shull for the many bulletins and other items she accomplished under great pressure. Well done, everyone!

I’ve just returned from my annual visit with the Bishop and look forward to sharing the results of that with you all soon.

In the meantime, enjoy today’s worship!




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