Addressing the Violence

Dear Friends, 

The recent mass shooting in Florida and the death of two law enforcement officials find us once again distressed and disappointed in man’s inhumanity to man. It’s obvious to many that there is much work to be done in this regard and the methods, laws, and society’s answers need to be re-examined. Mental health, social media, reporting of suspicious activity, better training of family members, and more thorough follow up by law enforcement will all be positive steps forward to lower this threat and stop the heartbreak of the loss of so many innocent victims. However, we are convinced that without prayer, calling upon the God of all Creation and putting Him at the front of this battle there will be no solution. 

And so we pray…

God of Healing and Restoration, 

We give thanks to you for your love for us, for the blessings you bestow upon us constantly. You know our needs before we ask, but your Son told us that we have but to ask and you will hear our prayers. Our country is in need of your Godly intervention. We ask you to speak to the hearts of those who plan violence against the young and our first responders. Cause them to have a change in their lives and choose life over death and destruction. Lead their families, school officials, law enforcement, mental health officials, and ministers of your Word to follow your will as you speak to them to alleviate this threat. 

Lord Jesus, we ask you to give those who are injured complete healing. Bless them and the health care workers who treat them. Let these patients feel your Holy presence and surround them with your angels. Give the families of the dead and injured the peace that passes all understanding. Provide solace for their hearts, help them to know that the innocent are safe in your arms. 

We pray as well for those who perpetrate these acts of horror. Show them mercy, even though they did not show mercy. Give them Grace, even though they did not extend Grace. Comfort their families as well, for you are a merciful God. 

We turn to you as a nation in pain, hurting and sorrowful. Bring us gladness of heart, understanding of your plan for our lives and the Grace to extend mercy to one another, casting aside bitterness for love, incivility for respect, and love instead of hate. May the darkness of the Good Friday in which we live turn into the Easter Sunday of Resurrection. 

In His name we pray, 

John †